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This accommodation is located on the very border of the Prokletije National Park, only 7.5 km from the city center and at a distance of 500-600 meters passes the Peaks of the Balkans trail (192 km long hiking trail, which passes through three countries and : CG, Albania and Kosovo and it is crossed in 8 to 10 days), as well as a hiking trail leading to Memina Mountain.



This rural household is located in Malo selo, on a hill with a magnificent view of Plav and Plav Lake. The Peaks of the Balkans hiking trail passes by the household, and hiking enthusiasts will be especially pleased to learn that there are over 200 mountain peaks above 2,000 m above sea level in the vicinity.



This accommodation is located in Bajrovića katun, within the Prokletije National Park. It consists of several buildings - cottages, bungalows, facilities for keeping and raising livestock and poultry.



This accommodation is a picturesque place located at the intersection of Lake Hrid and Bogicevica at a distance of 12 km from Plav.

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