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The Milicic household is located in a forest-rich Zupa valley, on a small hill that offers a unique view of most of Zupa. Prekornica is the nearest mountain only 7 km away on the paths that lead from the house. Lukavica, Liverovic Lake, Zabran Kralja Nikola, are natural resources in the vicinity of the household. Cultural and historical monuments of this area are the Monastery of St. Luke from the 15th century, the Montenegrin fortress Voltica from the 19th century near the river Gracanica. After an hour or two of driving, you will reach Kapetanovo Lake, the Ostrog Monastery, the Krnovo Wind Park, the Vučje Ski Center, the challenging peaks of Zurimovo, Maganika and others.

The food on offer is prepared at home from groceries from their garden and from their farm. Guests can participate in cheese production and try what they have made later. If guests have a certain diet, the household can also offer it (vegetarian, vegan diet).



Room 1: 2 beds
Room 2: 3 beds
A total of 5 beds
Bathroom: common to all rooms

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