Montenegro is located in the very south of the great blue of the Adriatic Sea, in the heart of the Balkan mountains. This beauty of wild nature is showered with superlatives that everyone would like. In a small area, gathered: the sea with beautiful beaches, rivers with unique canyons, clear lakes and gigantic mountains. Such beauty is breathtaking and at the first meeting every traveler remains f


The Novaković Cave is located in the Vraneška Valley and is 28 km from Bijelo Polje, near the village of Muslići, the source of the Vranštice River. The entrance to the cave is 903 m above sea level, the total length of the cave corridor - 605 m, height - 50 m. It is always maintained inside. temperature around 8°C. The most beautiful parts of the cave, located in the upper part, are the Lost

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