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If you wonder what to visit in Montenegro while you are here, this tour is bringing you some of the highlights of Montenegro's culture and it's amazing nature. Tours in Kotor and Cetinje, visits to Durmitor NP with stops on Tara river, Djurdjevica Tara bridge, and Black lake, ride in jeeps over Bjelasica mountain and many more in this tour...


Situated in the fields of Cetinje, at the base of the Lovcen mountain, Cetinje is a treasure of Montenegrin cultural and historical heritage. It scent with the architecture from 18th and 19th century that comes from rich greenery of this small city. During King Nikola’s reign many embassies were built that give it today’s specific looks. Two of the most representative buildings are the Monaste


Rarely do you come across the beauty that leaves you struggling for superlatives, so breathtaking you’ve few words to describe it, the beauty that stays unique no matter the time of the year or a point of view from which it is observed. That is why Boka Bay was included in the list of 28 most beautiful bays in the world in 1997. As from 1979. one part of it is under UNESCO protection. Everyo


Montenegro is located in the very south of the great blue of the Adriatic Sea, in the heart of the Balkan mountains. This beauty of wild nature is showered with superlatives that everyone would like. In a small area, gathered: the sea with beautiful beaches, rivers with unique canyons, clear lakes and gigantic mountains. Such beauty is breathtaking and at the first meeting every traveler remains f


Welcome to Balkan! For sure, countries of great history and strong connection! Montenegro is one of the smallest of them all both in size and number of inhabitants, but at the same time so rich in varieties—many peaks with over 2000m, biggest lake in Balkan and amazing seashore. Serbia, the economical leader of the region with amazingly rich culture and such a turbulent history. To explore just


Medicinal herbs have been helping people’s health and development since the ancient times. In this tour you will see how they grow indigenous varieties typical of Montenegro. They offer seeding of wormwood, lavender, thyme, lemon balm, heather, oregano and rosemary. From the same herbs you can watch how they produce essential oils and hydrolyses. They also offer teas and souvenirs, bouquets

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