Mountain Bjelasica in Montenegro




Bjelasica is a mountain in Montenegro. It is located in the heart of Montenegro or in the central-continental part. It evenly branches in four directions, and actually has a circular shape. It’s length and width is 30km and its area is around 630-km ². The boundaries are two major rivers, the Lim River and the Tara River and the Ljuboviđa and the Lepenica River from the north. It belongs to the municipalities of Kolasin, Mojkovać, Bijelo Polje, Bar and Andrijevica.

Bjelasica offers great number of activities such is hiking, mountain biking, jeep safari, children summer camps, horse riding, skiing, showshoing, paragliding etc...



The mountain of Bjelasica is characterized by three important characteristics and comparative advantages: very easy mobility and accessibility to the highest mountain peaks, the great wealth of forests and abundance of running water. The mountain has a very good potential for the ski slopes. Unlike other mountains in the region, Bjelasica is of volcanic origin. Hence, green summer and winter white. While the water of Durmitor or Lovćen fail, everything stays here on the surface, flows into numerous streams and rivers, of which perhaps the most important and most beautiful is the Biograd River, which flows into the pearl of the mountain called the Biograd Lake.



The highest peak is Crna Glava of 2,139 meters high, then Crni vrh, Zekova glava and the peak of  Ključ. Bjelasica leans equally on the picturesque mountain chains of Komovi on the southern slopes of the mountain.

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