Mrtvica canyon and the fairy tail forest

Author: Ivana Milicevic Kalic




Mrtvica River is a tributary of the Moraca and they meet each other at the village Medjurijecje.  It is filled with rapids, whirlpools, waterfalls, springs, and typical deep canyon vegetation and flora. And certainly not to forget the green bluish crystal clear water flowing down that’s drinkable.


What makes the hike unforgettable are the sights of the two fairy-tale bridges, the natural formed ‘gate of wishes’, and the military carved tunnel path. The canyon itself is 8 kilometers long and the trekking part takes you to 7,5 kilometer of it. In our case, we will walk the whole path covering the canyon and continuing to the remote located small village of Velje Duboko. It will make an extra 4 kilometer, so a car will wait for us at the end of the hike.


Geographically Mrtvica canyon belongs to the slopes of Mt. Maganik, part of the Moracke mountains. From both sides of the canyon, the steep cliffs reach up 600-700 meters, covered with pine trees making it an inaccessible wall. With both sides being remarkable close to each other at some spots, it is really giving that real canyon feeling.

So, let's begin. 

There are several options for a starting point, and all of them make a tour quite different in length, but let us not make a confusion, and talk only about one. My favorite option would be to make a circle, basically not to go to the canyon and return back using the same road. Unfortunately, since the bridge in Mrtvo duboko village is destroyed by the very Mrtvica river, it is not possible to make a long circle, just a partial one.

From the main road if you are coming from Kolasin side you will find signs:

Basically you can park car there beside the road on the first wider place, or you can drive some 500m down beside this blue sign, and across this bridge to the bigger parking place:


Beside the parking place is where the Mrtvica river floats into a bigger Moraca river. Both of them create beautiful canyons. 


From here you can follow the marked path, which will take you again across the narrow bridge, through the forest, and immediately you will reach the asphalt road. On this road, you will pass beside a place for camping, and should walk app 1 km till you reach the sigh for Danilo's bridge. Unfortunately, again, the sight is destroyed. Try focusing on finding these two metal bars left from the sign, they will be on your right side of the road. Even if you don't see them, you will see the path which goes into forest, down to the river. It will take you some 10min or less to get down to the bridge. 


When you cross the bridge, you will see on your right side sign Medjurecje, the road which you will use on your return trip. This road will take you directly to the parking place from where you started. On your right side, you will see the marked path which goes quite uphill the forest. The path is marked and you can't lose your way. You will cross one bigger stream on the way, and possibly a couple of smaller ones, depending on the time of the year. When you get out of the forest, you will find yourself on the wider macadam road. Go left, and hike some 3km to the village Mrtvo Duboko. 

In Mrtvo Duboko, there are only a couple of houses. The last one, besides which the path goes, has spring with water, a couple of big dogs which will barf while you are approaching, and from there you have some 15min of walking to the Gate of wishes. Just look down at this picture with trees, and you will see the sign for the path, go left, and some 50m further to the gate of wishes. There you can get down to the beach. Now, you have to return this 50m and continue app 2,6km to the end of the path, which is called the Kupaliste. You will find the signs. From here, it is just one path to the end. 


JNA army has widened the natural path through the canyon so the people from Mrtvo Duboko and Velje Duboko villages can go with their livestock. 



From the Gate of wishes, there are 2 big and strong springs, called Bijele Nerine, and they create numerous waterfalls, which in the spring make the whole ground tremble. 

The end of the tour is Kupaliste, a pebble beach where you can rest. On your return, you have to use the same road all the way to Danilo's bridge, because other bridge in Mrtvo Duboko is destroyed, and from Danilo's bridge you use the sign to Medjurecje. You will finish at the parking place. 




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