Montenegro is Corona free country!

Author: Uzeto sa CDM portal


Today is the 11th day since no new coronavirus case has been reported in Montenegro. Two more persons have recovered which means that there are only four active cases.

Laboratories of the Institute have analyzed 133 samples and all of them tested negative for coronavirus.

The total number of recovered cases is 311.


Montenegro has already opened its border for nautical tourism. Having regard to the expectation that we are going to be corona-free destination, conditions for the tourism season will be created soon, said PM, Mr Duško Marković, during the presidency over phone conference summit of CEI countries.

“Taking into account efforts undertaken so far in the protection of public health, I believe we agree that we need to step into that process carefully and with synchronicity, with the complementarity of national measures with those at regional and European level. Therefore, I think it is extremely important that we strengthen cooperation in healthcare, customs and transport area and enable synchronized measures of control, prevention of the spread of the virus and border crossings management”, Mr Marković said.

Around 1,151 persons are under watch. Nine persons have died due to coronavirus.

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